Our Mission To drive our clients’ success with the best people, products and processes

A quality that differentiates us from some of our competitors is genuinely caring about our research and client servicing. Caring about our performance means harder work, greater sacrifice and a total commitment to the job.

Founded in 1996, INFOSEARCH is one of the country’s leading market research and consulting agencies that provides integrated market intelligence services.

  • 52 high-caliber permanent staffs and over 500 temporary interviewers and mystery shopper panels around the country.
  • Full Services with 15 Fieldwork Teams (no sub-contract fieldwork).
  • Quality Control: at least 30%
  • Focus Group: 2 Rooms


ISO20252 : 2012 With 100% editing, 30% back-checking and computer logic checks, INFOSEARCH assures clients of quality research. Operating a management system that compiles with the requirements of ISO 20252 : 2012 (SINCE April 20, 2010)