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Customer Attitudes and Behaviors Business to Business Research Communication Effectiveness
Corporate Brand Engagement Research
Product Infosearch
New Product Development
Community Mood and Issues Staff and Stakeholder Research Staff and Stakeholder Research

Research Methodology

  • Telephone/CATI Interviews
  • Face to Face/CAPI Interviews
  • Online/Web-based Surveys
  • Self-Administration-Mail/Fax Out/ Hand Delivered Questionnaires
  • Concept Testing
  • Product Testing
  • Advertising Campaign Evaluation
  • Eye Tracking
  • Participant Observations
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Focus Groups/Workshops/ Stakeholder/ Community Consultations

Quantitative Research

Quantify and measure consumer responses

Qualitative Research

Insights into motivation, attitudes and values of target consumers



Mystery Shopping

We are expert in mystery shopping service with over 15 years of experience providing mystery shopping improvement solutions to many industries such as gas stations, retailers, restaurants, banks, car showrooms, hospitals, fun parks, etc.

Our Mystery Shopping services are dedicated to helping increase customer satisfaction, boost sales performance and build staff competence, resulting in increased profitability.

Example of investigation areas measured by mystery shopping :

  • Staff’s attendance and appearance
  • Staff’s service performance
  • Store cleanliness and Facilities
  • Product quality
  • Product delivery
  • Price and Display
  • Service time
  • Etc.

Other Researches and Surveys

Marketing Research

Distribution Survey

Retailer Survey

Market structure research

Understanding for market changes; Segment discovery; Market trend forecast; Appropriate brand mix

Brand diagnosis research

Grasping of qualitative and quantitative prosition of brand; Problem discovery and examination of cause; Basic 4P marketing strategy

Positioning research

Segment conformity confirmation; Discovery of positioning intention and recognition; Target and positioning concept proposal

Demand forecast research

Measurement of marketability of new product concept; Measurement of product acceptability; Short/mid-term conditional demand forecast

New product development research

New product positioning; Concept development; Concept selection; Selection of product development direction

Product testing

Measurement of new product receptivity; Confirmation of existing product improvement recognition; New product cost reduction

Price elasticity measurement

Measurement of appropriate price range, price elasticity, dependent on marketing viariables, competitiveness in price ranges of high/mid/low; Estimation of maximum ability to pay

Advertising strategy/research

Selection of positioning, target, advertising concept; Expression strategy; Supply of media mix data; Presentation of appropriate advertising costs option

Advertising effectiveness measurement

Measurement of advertising effectiveness before broadcast, advertising conveyance during broadcast, conveyance of message expression, effect on purchase, and attainment of appropriate advertising

Enterprise IS Research

Investigation on the adequacy of company mission, visions, expression of concepts, representative artifact

Marketability of a New Retail Shop

Collect and analyze information necessary to successfully launch new retailers. The characteristics, structure, and strengths and weaknesses of existing commercial rights can be understood, thus making available specific schemes for successful opening

Existing retailer competitiveness research

Supply core information to support the correct measurement and control of competition of existing retailers. The viewpoints and evaluations by consumers and their utilization rates of shops can be observed, thus enabling the formulation of specific plans to make the stores more competitive

Research to strengthen merchandising

Research performed for distributor income management, management to increase sales volume; find customer satisfaction of PB product and supply specific improvement means; provide information on product attributes such as quality, packing, price, etc., to support management and to help increase sales

Other research to strengthen competitiveness

Inferiority analysis: analysis to boost competitive power of each sector, of unprocessed food quality, processed food price and assortment, through research monitoring of other appropriate research methods; this will enable management of sectional retailer competition

Sales promotion activity research for manufacturers

Sales promotion analysis for each agent:

  • Check sales activity for evaluation of distributor, and for application in incentive system
  • Evaluation of product dealing, display, and salesperson activity; this will allow good understanding of competitive status in small sized outlets, for establishment of management strategies

Store monitoring research

Analysis of ISM activity of major or new products Visits to retailers, disguised as consumers, to analyze the extent of ISM activity, sales activity, interior display, etc.

Retailer monitoring

Service rate of retailers; Display status; Sold out rate; Sales Promotion activity inspection

Store opening research

Commercial analysis; Positioning; Demand forecast; Product mix; Price strategies; Sales promotion strategy

Retailer’s satisfaction research

Inspection of visit-sales, promotion-support of sales staff; Analysis of product purchase-payment-display-inventory

Customer satisfaction level research

measurement of customer satisfaction; Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of satisfaction level and causes; Presentation of improvement devices

Employee Research

Mission, vision, duty, personnel, wage, service, identity, awareness of business management, evaluation, hope, proposal, etc.